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  • Win some smoke!

    To celebrate the launch of colouredsmoke.com.au; we are giving one lucky Australian a chance to win 2x of our CS-60g  Mixed colour 5 packs – thats 10 CS60g emitters! to enter: 1. follow us on IG @colouredsmoke.com.au 2. repost this image (also on our IG feed) with the #colouredsmokecomau (so we know you have shared …

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  • Tips!

    Here are some tips we have so far come up with in using any of our smoke emitters… Colours look brightest in full sunlight with strong backlight (e.g. from the sun) the coloured emitters turn basically white if it stops burning, light it again! dark grey is great for simulating real fire smoke turn white …

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  • CS18g emitters!

    We have new CS18g emitters coming in soon! These are 18grams, with a similar burn time to the CS60g 60 gram cartridges. They will be in the same range of colours and offered in single and mixed packs (as will the CS60g be).         and as compared to our existing CS-60g emitters…

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  • CS-60g smoke emitters

    Our first product for sale is the CS-60g smoke emitter! http://colouredsmoke.com.au/product/cs-60g/ This is a 60 gram smoke emitter which is available in: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, white and black. The black is more of a dark grey. The CS-60g comes in a pack of 5 where you can choose all one colour (if we …

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  • Light it baby!

    We use this turbo lighter that ‘Dusk’ the candle shop sells. If you buy it in store, they will even refill it for free if you take it back in empty. This lighter is awesome because it allows you to light downwards and because the flame is so powerful it gives a quicker ignition than …

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  • White smoke bombs

    One of the most versatile of our range is the white smoke bomb (emitter). The white can be coloured (mixed) with other coloured cartridges. For example – white + red makes a pink. We will look at how to do this soon with a tutorial! White can be also coloured with coloured lights – gelled …

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  • welcome to CS!

    Welcome to colouredsmoke.com.au and colouredsmoke.com! We are an Australian distributor of smoke bombs, or as we like to call them, smoke emitters! We will be stocking a range of products for your creative needs, as well as videos and showcasing amazing #smokeartists. This blog will host product information, users and link in with our other …

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